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    One of my favorite Panic! At The Disco interviews ever.

    Interviewer: Does it tour with you, the dog?
    Ryan: No, they won’t let me take the dog on tour.
    Brendon: Well I mean, Ryan has the dog and I have Ryan so it’s kind of the same, you know?
    Ryan: Yeah but you let me ride on the bus.
    Brendon: That’s right.
    Interviewer: And do you pee on the furniture?
    Brendon: Sometimes, but I mean that’s my responsibility.
    Ryan: It’s an accident.
    Brendon: Yeah, he doesn’t know any better. 

    this fandom disagrees on a lot but i think it’s safe to say this is the absolute best panic interview in existence 

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    i have no idea where this is from its not mine 



    ryan’s eating


    "it’s good"

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    Ryan giving the crowd the finger after Brendon gets bottled [x]
    Sorry for the shitty quality. 

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  8. "What happens in vegas stays in vegas except for when brendon hit me with a bowling ball."
    — Pete Wentz (via jspurg)

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